Below are various written testimonials of satisfied customers.

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Written Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from our happy customers. They certify the quality of the services provided by Scott Jablow for Mayor Send us yours and share your positive experience with others.

Scott Jablow is a supporter of the arts, affordable housing, increase of good medical care & traffic resolutions. When I call about an issue, he always gets back to me within 24hrs. He is quite involved with our local community and even came to our neighborhood to listen to and help resolve problems we are having with an upscale resort and how he might help mediate. This is why I am voting for Scott Jablow, he is very engaged with our community and businesses.

— Nancy robb Dunst

I look forward to working with Scott Jablow, who has continually shown his commitment to improving health care in Sedona and the Verde Valley.

— Neil Singer, M.D.

Scott Jablow is the most open and accessible public servant that I've worked with. He actively strives to understand the concerns and priorities of constituents, engages in constructive dialog, and puts the interests of residents and the community first. Scott will be an excellent Mayor and has my enthusiastic support.

— Craig Swanson

I have been working with Scott Jablow since he was elected to the Fire Board, and I have been so impressed with his dedication to the Sedona community.

— Dave Soto, Chair, Sedona Fire District Governing Board

I look forward to working with Scott Jablow in his efforts to improve the health care of Sedona and the Verde Valley.

— Michael J. Ulissey, MD, FACR

All through history, Public Art has always been a good indication of the health, or lack of it, of civilization- or a community. We have learned much about ancient cultures from their Public Art.

Scott Jablow understands the great impact we local artists have had on bringing high revenue into Sedona, and we appreciate his work supporting our Public Art.

— John M. Soderberg

I have been working with Vice-Mayor Scott Jablow for the past 8 years and have appreciated his willingness to work together on joint projects that benefit Sedona and our region.

— Matt Ryan, Coconino County Supervisor District 3

I Support Scott Jablow for Mayor of Sedona because Scott supports Sedona and its residents. Being an artist in Sedona for many years, it has always been a pleasure to talk with Scott about new ideas for the promotion of art in Sedona. He has lived in Sedona for 18 years and has been involved in activities as a resident, volunteer, and since 2014 as a Councilperson, most recently, as Vice Mayor. He constantly asks artists to meet with him with ideas to elevate Sedona as truly "A City Animated by the Arts." Scott Jablow for Mayor of Sedona, it is the logical choice.

— Robert Albrecht, Artist

I strongly endorse Scott Jablow as our next mayor. As an artist but also someone who has been a part of numerous Sedona art organizations and the business community, I have seen and heard his commitment and support to the arts. He has taken the time to meet with arts organizations, along with individual artists, to hear their concerns and then takes them to the council to see how they could be addressed. My husband and I moved to Sedona over 20 years ago because of the "art enriched" programs here, and it is our hope that this will continue with Scott's leadership.

— Shirley Eichten Albrecht, Artist

As an artist and 17-year resident of Sedona, a city animated by the arts, I endorse Scott Jablow for mayor because of his long-time support of the arts and local artists and his pledge of continued support as well as for his long service on the city council and as Vice Mayor.

— Julie Ronning Talbot

I have known Scott Jablow for close to ten years. I have admired his dedication to city service through the Fire Department Board, Planning and Zoning and City Council, not to mention numerous other committees and commissions.

To be an effective leader, you need to learn the government process. You need to understand financial statements, strategic thinking, public engagement and collaboration. This takes time and dedication.

Scott has done his preparation for the Mayor's seat. His opponent has not.

— Rob Adams, former Sedona Mayor

Thank you Scott for all your many efforts in support of the people of Sedona and the Verde Valley in seeking to bring equity in college education to our side of the mountain. There is much more to be done and I am counting on your continuing help.

— Paul Chevalier, District 3 Representative
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