Scott's Vision

Brian Fultz Looking To The RightI have a positive Vision for Sedona. I pledge to be a Mayor who brings government and community together and I encourage you to share your Vision to help shape Sedona's future.

A City That Champions Healthcare For Its Resident

Sedonans are concerned about Northern Arizona Healthcare signaling a decreased commitment to the Verde Valley and the trend of healthcare workers leaving the area. It is critical that Emergency medical services are maintained in Sedona. I support:
  • Forming a resident-driven task force to explore alternatives should Northern Arizona Healthcare reduce services to our community
  • Attracting and retaining healthcare workers in our community to serve our residents with a variety of incentives
  • Creating options such as a state-of-the-art telemedicine center to extend the reach of regional or state medical practices
  • Enhancing our relationships with existing healthcare partners such as Verde Valley Caregivers to better support our healthcare needs

A City That Encourages And Supports Diverse Voices

Our community would benefit from greater public participation in planning for our future. A wide breadth of participation in all aspects of our community creates a richer experience for all. I support:
  • Forming a resident-driven task force to recommend strategies that encourage families with children as well as other diverse groups to consider calling Sedona home
  • Providing more opportunities for dialogue within our neighborhoods
  • Soliciting more public input before major projects are developed to enhance transparency and give a greater voice to our residents

A City That Protects The Community From Short Term Rentals' Proliferation

The impact of the uncontrolled proliferation of short-term rentals has been devastating. It has enabled over-tourism on our roads and trails. It has forced workers, families, and retirees out of their homes. It has cost us the community. I fully support:
  • Returning local control over short-term rentals so we can cap their numbers in Sedona
  • Regulating short-term rentals to the extent the law allows
  • Working with both sides of the aisle in the Legislature for meaningful legislation to mitigate STR impacts
Brian Fultz In A Creek

A City Offering Housing For Residents Of All Incomes

To maintain a resident-focused city, we must ensure adequate housing with a full range of options. I envision housing for all levels of income and care needs, from rentals to home ownership, to continuing residential care for our seniors by:
  • Identifying and purchasing lots within our city limits for small residential development projects
  • Ensuring that restrictions are in place to provide workforce housing as part of multi-family developments
  • Working with property owners like the Cultural Park and Northern Arizona Healthcare to ensure that housing is a priority in their development proposals

A City That Balances Tourism And Preservation Of Natural Resources

Sharing Sedona's beauty with others has created challenges for residents and impacts to our magnificent landscape. While we benefit from tourism dollars, we must work to create solutions that protect our environment and the effects of over-tourism. I support:
  • Working with the Forest Service to create limited access in areas being destroyed by OHVs and overuse
  • Working with State and Federal Legislatures to eliminate street use of OHVs, lower sound limits, and increase fines for habitat destruction
  • Educating tourists so that they adhere to the Sustainable Tourism Plan

A City Focused On Sustainability

Our red rocks deserve respect and attention. We must also be mindful of maintaining clean air and water for our future. The city must do its part toward sustainability and I support:
  • Converting the city's entire fleet to all-electric vehicles, and building and encouraging more electric vehicle charging stations
  • Utilizing gray water from the city's Wastewater Treatment plant by rerouting it back to Sedona for appropriate uses
  • Encouraging greater bike use through bike rentals, more bike paths, and water stations

A City Less Dependent On Cars

The community plan envisions a more walkable and bike-able community. Its goal is to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and resulting pollution. I encourage more people to leave their cars and walk, bike, and use public transit as an alternative in reducing traffic and congestion. I support:
  • Continuing to expand our transit service with micro-transit vehicles to include easily accessible neighborhood routes providing options to local destinations
  • Adding sidewalks and other pedestrian improvements such as Shared Use Paths to increase safety for walking and biking
  • Constructing "lock and leave" lots at the outer edges of Sedona, with additional transit stops so visitors reduce vehicle trips and improve traffic congestion

A City That Provides Recreation Opportunities For All

Sedona should offer recreation opportunities for everyone from children to seniors, and our pets, to run and play or to sit and enjoy our views and the arts. Community gathering spaces are essential to the well-being of our community. I support:
  • Strategically purchasing land to preserve open space, create recreation opportunities, and provide creek access
  • Expediting the completion of Ranger Park on Brewer Road so that it can provide a community space to showcase our history and the arts
  • Exploring the development of a community recreation center with an indoor pool that would be open year-round

A City Supporting The Arts

The arts are vital to building and bringing the community together. Sedona is a city "animated by the arts." We support and promote the arts by providing grants to local arts organizations and through creative programming at city hall and in local schools. To further enhance our commitment to the arts, I propose:
  • Holding an Arts Community Outreach meeting to seek input from the arts community on arts and culture issues
  • Expanding opportunities for artists, including space for exhibiting local art, and music and holding performances in city-owned buildings and parks
  • Creating an artist-in-residence program in collaboration with local art groups where local artists can exchange ideas and learn and grow from interaction with artists outside of Sedona
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